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A Deep Dive into my Closet: Mining for Gloves

At work people talk about doing a “deep dive” into a topic so that they can do more thorough analysis. Well, this weekend, I did a “deep dive” into one of my closets and found at least fifteen pair of gloves.

Who needs that many gloves, really???

I can’t even attribute some of them to Andre or to the baby. They were all mine, accumulated at various stages of my life. For the record, the fifteen pair does not include the mismatched misfits looking for their cosmic twin.

To be fair, some were free. There are a pair that I got at the Winter Olympics that were in Salt Lake City. I was fortunate to score a free trip and tickets to some key events from an ex-boyfriend. We attended the games as guests of and they showed us a fantastic time. That time included Monster fleeces with matching scarves and gloves and a bunch of other trinkets all provided gratis. That explains the bright orange pair that I would never have purchased, but they do represent fond memories.

Some time ago, I forgot about the Monster pair, or was planning to sell them on Ebay or something. (They represented fond memories, but after the ex and I broke up they were just a pair of gloves.) Because I have never been quite organized enough to sell anything on Ebay they remained packed away. So, when I was training for the Pittsburgh marathon a few years ago I purchased another pair of sports gloves for my cold day runs. They were no match for Pittsburgh winters. So I bought a pair of ski mittens that were just perfect. They were so good in fact that sometimes my hands would sweat on those runs. Still that was better than frost bite. So those gloves were a necessary and appropriate purchase.  They will come in handy if I train for another marathon.

The other pairs have a variety of explanations. Of course I need a black pair of leather gloves and a brown pair of leather gloves to match my coats. I found the deep purple pair with the orange stitching on a lucky day at Filene’s Basement. They were a pure luxury!  I really hope the match shows up. They were cool! Also, I bought a deep purple hat last fall that would be the perfect match. I didn’t even remember I had those gloves till I did the “deep dive” into my closet.

The deep orange pair I own matched a hat of the same color that has since disappeared. And that hat matched a suit that is in a different closet. Andre swears that he didn’t accidentally throw the hat out, but I am not so sure. I really loved that hat and the matching gloves were a huge score. Maybe the hat is wherever the matching deep purple glove is?

I also have a red leather pair that matches my red hat. I don't wear them nearly as often as I thought I would have.

I recall buying one pair in China while I was visiting Beijing with my mother and sister several years ago. Everything was plentiful in Beijing at the Silk Market. There was more Louis Vuitton luggage, MAC Cosmetics and Prada gloves than I had ever seen. I knew they were fake. Still I bought a pair that said Prada. It was 5 degrees outside. My hands were cold. And I was in China where buying them wasn't against the law. Don't judge me!

I learned my lesson though. The fake ones don't last as long as the real ones.

A few were black knit gloves bought for a dollar in New York City when I was visiting the City and ill-prepared for the elements. From my recollection, I think that I bought the other six or so pair out of frustration. I believed that I had lost my gloves when they were all up high in my closet out of my sight.

Apparently, being short presents many challenges and can be expensive! Fortunately, for me I have a rule for gloves, buy them at Marshall’s and/or TJMaxx and even then, try to buy them on sale!

This deep dive into my gloves was enlightening. Note to self: get a ladder and look in the closets before buying anything else!

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