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Loving Your Newborn Baby...

Never fear blog readers. I am writing Part II of "The Tales of Natural Childbirth". However, it is hard to find the time .

Babies can be Messy, Stinky and Time Consuming

My days are filled with diaper changes—the dirty, the messy, and the stinky. I also do a lot of breast feeding—the necessary, the wonderful, and the demanding. Then there’s the breast pumping.  It is tortuous, inconvenient, and time consuming. 
While less fun than the fist pumping done by "The Situation" and "Snooki" on the Jersey Shore, I often feel about as silly as they look when I do that particular deed.  In my spare time I wash clothes, cook and clean. I sleep when I can. On top of all of that I work outside of the home.  Then, every day, I wake up to do the same things again. Not to whine but, I could really use a clone.

I wonder if I’d already be done writing that natural childirth piece if I stopped the whining??? NAH!!!

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