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Terrific Tuesday: Mardi Gras, mom style

Tonight I took of my shirt in the privacy of my own home. I got applause from the baby, because she knew that it was time to eat.   We danced. We laughed. We even got a little crazy. I think that there are still sweet potatoes on the floor from our festivities. I didn’t get any beads though. I didn’t have a Hurricane either.   However, I had my final glass of wine during the week until after Easter . And I savored that sucker like a man on death row savors his last meal. Somehow it tasted even better than usual. Go figure?! As my grandma would probably say, that’s just the Devil ’s way of tempting me. I’d say it’s psychosomatic. However, Tomato, Tomahto , I am still going to miss my nightly ritual for the next forty days and forty nights. I'm not even going to front! However, sacrifice will make me a better person. Tomorrow begins my Lenten sacrifice.   This is always a reflective time of year for me, which I enjoy. Pausing helps me appreciate what I have. Sacrifice h

Drinking My Way to Fat Tuesday...

The other day I finally looked at a regular calendar. Usually I look at an Outlook calendar where the holidays aren't illuminated. However, when I glanced at the regular calendar I realized that Ash Wednesday is this coming Wednesday. WOW ! Time has really flown by in 2012. I can't believe that Lent will start in a few days. Although I am not Catholic, I will still be figuring out something to give up for the Lenten season.  I believe  in the concept of Lent. I understand the benefit of sacrifice. It's probably a function of four years of Catholic school . (I also am really comfortable with the concept of guilt, but that is a topic for another post!) I generally give up something that has become a part of my routine that I'm not altogether pleased with. For the past ten years my Lenten sacrifice has involved giving up alcohol in some form or fashion. I have given up hard alcohol, all alcohol, alcohol during the week--almost any way that you can give up alcohol.