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Things we do when we’re alone...

It might just be me. But put me in a dressing room and with a mirror and some good music and I start dancing! So, last month I was at Barney ’s in San Francisco trying on outrageously priced clothes and it hit me. I look pretty cute in a $3,000 dress . Since it wasn't leaving me the store with me I decided that I should rock it one time for old time sake. The music was hip hop. It had a strong beat and there was rapper instructing me to move. And so I did. Right there in the dressing room in that high falutin’ Prada dress I got a little ghetto with it. Then I remembered that I couldn’t afford the dress. So, I just started to sway. I couldn’t risk any sweat marks in the dress. They might make me buy it. And a little fun wasn’t worth that price. Still, I was in my own world. I could see myself in that dress, dancing at an event with some handsome man. The vision was clear. I was the belle of the ball. And, I was H-O-T!!! Then, a knock on the door by the