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It’s a Beautiful Day in Neighborhood…

"It’s a beautiful day in neighborhood…" Even when Fred Rogers sang that song he realized that some days would be full of disappointment and tears and some days would be full of anger and fights. He realized that dark days would come, but he also realized that words have power. Each day has beauty . However, life is hard. You can easily miss the beauty of each day by getting too caught up in your own problems. I am generally an optimistic person. However, sometimes even I would miss the day’s beauty if I didn’t make it a point to notice. On days when I am embroiled in a fight with someone, the beauty can be hard to detect. On days when I am sick, it can seem as if the day only exists to torture me. On days when I hear something disturbing on the news, I question whether beauty exists at all. On those days, I decide to call the day beautiful, even though it is not apparent. Words have power. By declaring the day beautiful I am transformed. Amazingly, I be