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Life with the Baby: Sometimes we don’t get her

The baby is a joy. She smiles, plays, laughs and amuses us greatly. Every parent should be so blessed. Every day with her is like Christmas and every night is like New Year ’s Eve. NOT!!! Don’t get me wrong, we love her beyond words or comprehension. However, it took us some time to get to know her. Forget what you’ve heard. Babies arrive knowing things. Early on, they teach you much more than you teach them. They have distinct needs, wants and unique personalities, but they can’t talk. It’s like having a little alien in your house with whom you can’t communicate clearly. It’s all trial and error. Here’s a glimpse into our house. The baby becomes unhappy and you do your best to appease her. You try all of the tricks you learned in those prenatal classes. You feed her, change her, and sing lullabies. Initially, the lullabies are soft and soothing low tones. Eventually, as she continues to cry, they become frantic loud shrieks. You believe that she would calm down if she cou