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Working Mom Tips: Making Dinner

Toddler making and eating pizza Everybody is a little cranky when they're hungry and being they're hungry AND tired tends to bring out the worst in us.  Indeed, dinner time during the workweek can be where time pressures, fatigue and bad tempers collide.  Back in the day, some families relied on KFC or Boston Market , the pseudo healthy dinner options for working families. However, in a world where there is increasing pressure to be a perfect parent and provide your family with healthful meals, on a budget, that your kids actually enjoy making dinner can be stressful! So what's a weary working mom to do? I recommend finding a full time chef, which really isn't an option for most people. In the alternative, I recommend identifying a trusted filter of information so that you don't have to do the leg work yourself. Allow me to be your filter! I'll be running a series of posts related to helping you save time and money making economical mea