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A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: Check Me Out on IQ Parent this Sunday

Me and the host, Angela Santomero I am honored to be affiliated with the WQED IQ: Smart Parent Program. WQED is a PBS member television station that is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The IQ:Smart Parent Program is focused on helping us parent better in theses changing times called the 21st Century. As a working mom I am particularly interested in this program.  With all of my responsibilities, I don't have time to research everything myself. So, I value these programs, created by the same station that produced "Mister Rodgers Neighborhood", that help me become a better parent.   Today, WQED will be hosting a “marathon” of IQ:Smart Parent shows that deal with the topic of the influence of media and technology on our children. It’s a very relevant topic given the increase use that technology plays in our lives and our children’s increased exposure to media,  especially in a world when they can get it 24/7. (Find the shows on Comcast Channel 9.)' “Lea

Working Mom Tales: An Example of Being Flexible

As you have read on this blog, attending " Spark and Hustle " by Tory Johnson really made an impact on me.  I was pumped to get up, get out, and make my dreams happen.  After all, as Tory said, "Hope is not a strategy".   Even though I have had some setbacks, things have been going well.  The biggest change has been getting up earlier.  It was hard at first, but it has become a gift that I give myself everyday. It's "me time" where I am up before Andre and the toddler and get some things done.    As I said in today's words of wisdom, you have to plan, but you still need to remain flexible.  Here's a video blog post illustrating how a toddler can disrupt a mom's plans...     Related articles Friday Tip: Find Your Spark and Hustle! (

Burlesque isn't just a dance...

Recently, a friend read this blog. He enjoyed it, but he thought that it would be better if I revealed more about myself. Initially I was surprised by his comment. Then, I realized that he must have taken the blog 's tag line to heart. I do claim that this blog is about my life, desires and dreams. Lately, there have been tales about my life and the lives of those I know. I have also provided my take on current events . However, I have included very little about my desires and dreams. I have been holding back. I have hinted at what I really want and what thrills my soul, but I have refrained from going into too much detail. According to my friend, frequently, my hints have been too subtle. To be sure, I never intended this blog to be a diary or a confessional. My nature is to be private while sharing a pre-determined list of public intimacies. For a time, I specialized in keeping people at a distance while making them believe that they had penetrated my soul. I wrote the blog