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Friday Tip: Free Donuts

If you hadn't heard, today is National Donut Day ! I don't know how I have lived as long as I have and have missed this sacred day.  Although, I am generally a fan of healthful eating, I have never met a sale that I didn't like.  And as everyone knows, free makes everything taste better! Apparently national donut day is not simply an ode to fried pastries that are covered in glaze.  It is a tribute to Salvation Army workers who distributed free donuts to soldiers during World War II . Apparently, the donut is a pastry with a purpose.  Who knew?! The Huffington Post ran an article today listing places where you can get free donuts today. You can access the article through this link: Places to Get Free Donuts!   For those in Pittsburgh , you can honor the holiday at a number of local locations, including Giant Eagle . Giant Eagle is making ALL DONUTS just $2.99 a doz.! It's a cheap way to host a Saturday breakfast if you're having guests.  Also, you can