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Mommy Mondays: An Embarassing "Private" Moment

Moms who blog know that there are no truly private moments, much to the angst of our spouses and partners. They may wish for privacy , but "privacy" is like the holy grail. Mommy bloggers have heard about it, but they've never seen it. Today I have no secrets. As I type this post I smell the faint smell of poop coming from my foot... This evening we had an incident.  The toddler has been under the weather for several days. She has been cranky and has had a low grade fever . As her over-protective mother I have been concerned and I have been treating her symptoms with hugs, acetaminophen , and breast milk .  Historically, Andre and I have disagreed about my over-zealous pursuit of medical advice.  Accordingly, I have been exercising great restraint. I deserve a friggin' medal!  Normally, this illness would have driven me to seek "express care". By the grace of God , the toddler has been improving.  However, God failed to clearly communicate th