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Mommy Mondays: Having it all, "Sex, Work, and Motherhood"

Me and my guy All of the Baptist style preaching that went on at the Democratic National Convention  inspired me to preach a bit myself.  However, I don't want to talk about God. Like Salt-N-Pepa said in that old song, " let's talk about sex ". They say you shouldn't discuss religion,  politics or sex. However, that's at work. In Chaton's World we can discuss all topics because we're amongst friends! The Secret to Having it All  One of the issues women have been dancing around in the "having it all debate " is the role of sex in a working woman's life.  Lest you think this is going to be a tell-all about my own sex life with Andre calm down.  Yes, he is super hot and we do have a baby. So, you can let your imagination run wild about my life.  Instead, I'd just like to make the point that sex matters.

Apologies For My Biased Law Firm Angst...

The article about singles leaving the fast track clearly hit a nerve for me yesterday and made me conjure up memories about my prior life as a law firm associate . My whining about that life isn't particularly original. Indeed,law firms are notorious for being pressure cookers . However, I wanted to make something clear. That environment didn't work for me because I didn't love it. As you can tell from my blog posts, I have lots of interests. It was the law firm life that got to me eventually. However, I am glad that I got the experience. I learned a lot. Besides, in the long run I was no worse for the wear. I just needed to take a month off before I started my new job as an in-house lawyer. Even given my thoughts about the life of a young associate, I still encourage law students to give it a try. You get to work with smart people, get great experience and get to decide what type of law you'll eventually practice. It's also a great way to build a strong networ