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Style Tip from 2 Sisters Cosmetics + a Giveaway (FREE nail polish)

I recently had lunch with my friend Bethany Criswell. Bethany is mom to two young boys.  And like many of us, she has a dream.  However, to her credit, she is working to make her dream a reality. Bethany and members of her family launched a cosmetics company called 2 Sisters Cosmetics  that is changing the nail polish industry and creating business opportunities for other women.  Watch out Essie, OPI, and Sally Hansen. 2 Sisters Cosmetics has changed the game and the women of America are starting to notice! 2 Sisters Cosmetics 2 Sisters Cosmetics is fantastic company that produces a great product and was started by women who are making their dreams come true.  They have found their spark and now they are hustling! 2 Sisters Cosmetics  produces a toxin free, eco-friendly true color nail polish line. The 17 color line features an array of colors suitable for fashion forward women that also have enough glitz for young girls and teens. The company uses all natur