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Working Mom Tip: Succeeding at Home (Tax Deductions for Working Moms)

It's tax season and many of us are gathering our receipts and planning to prepare our tax returns because we are huge procrastinators. Being a working mom is hard work As working moms we work hard for our money. And while many of us are good patriots we would prefer to keep as much of that money as possible instead of giving it to Uncle Sam.  We have many things to pay for that go along with being a working mom. I'm not talking about Jimmy Choo shoes, Louis Vuitton bags and Tory Burch loafers either. (Although as a somewhat fashionable mom I'm not mad at you if that's how you role.) I am talking about the reason why most of us work. It is because the expenses associated with raising children often exceed the amount of one income. Since you work hard. You should get all of the deductions you can! It's funny actually. Having children is the most natural thing in the world and not one thing about them is free.  Well, making them is free and lots of fun