Sunday, October 23, 2016

7 Tips For Working Moms That Will Make Their Home Presentable At All Times

A spotless kitchen

Since becoming a professional blogger, I have used some version of this to describe myself, "struggling to keep my house clean" because it is true. It is true because I work full time and have two kids. However, it is also true because I generally hate cleaning. (I'd even use an expletive to express my thoughts about cleaning if my mama wasn't my most faithful blog reader!) I've heard Oprah say that she get enormous pleasure from stain removal. In contrast, I get enormous pleasure from reading, writing, and getting pampered. I actually think that some people got the "I love cleaning gene" and others got the "I love hiring people gene". 

I think I got the second gene.  However, because God has a sense of humor, I don't have the bank account to afford the amount of help that I'd like to employ. Since I am not "of the manor born" and refuse to live in squalor, I am constantly in search of ways to keep my house clean without being stressed about it. For that reason when Ian Hart from The Tidy Maids contacted me about helping me keep my house clean, I was all in. Below are his tips!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: A Peek Into a Snapshot Photobooth

The UPMC Children's Ball never disappoints. Here are some photos of me and my daughter at the event earlier this year. The moral of this post is, "working moms gotta have fun with their kids sometimes"!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Working Mom Confession: Sometimes Your Best Has to Be Good Enough

working mom photo shoot
Photo from my photo shoot. Credits: Becky Thurner
"The idea about having it all is a myth. And if you convince yourself that you can, you'll end up feeling guilty when things don't work out. My advice is to be realistic, compromise and be the best that you can be at that moment." Nina Jasinksi , Olgivy & Mather's chief marketing officer (CMO)

One of the reasons that I devote this blog to issues affecting working mothers is because they are my people! On the working front, I am an attorney, a writer, a speaker, and a law school professor. On the mom front, I am the mother of a finicky first grade student and a tenacious toddler. So, it is safe to say that I have the “working mom” thing on lock.

Summer is over. Gone are days with extended sunlight and warm weather beckoning us outside. Now, there is a chill in the air. The days are shorter. And everybody expects to work, and work hard. For that reason, I decided to post a list of support materials for those seeking work/life balance. Working moms especially need to carefully plan their lives so that we can balance everything. We're not so much seeking time to eat bon bons and get manicures as much as we are simply just trying to get everything done.  As Atiya Abdelmalik, a speaker I heard recently, said, "Working women wear a lot of hats."

Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Difference Between Men and Women: The Confidence Gap

working mom recognizing that she's not rocking the #nomakeup look
Contemplating whether there are different standards for working parents...

I was on a call yesterday involving several executives in my organization. The person who organized the call was a man who has school aged children. Apparently, he needed to pick up one of his sons early from school today and pick up time was when the call was occurring. There was a little background noise. Then, without fanfare or explanation, he simply disengaged from the call with the simple statement, "Sorry, I had to pick up my kid early from school today." He was off for awhile we all waited for him to return. A few moments later, we hear his kid's voice. He responds to the kid rather casually, "I'm on a call."

I was awestruck by this exchange because the manner in which he handled this was far different than I have in the past.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Ten Lessons for Working Moms from the Presidential Debate #Election2016

A lesson I learned from Walt Disney...

If you haven't heard, there was a presidential debate last week and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had a face off. Although there was no fisticuffs, the debate had nearly as much humor and action as a WWE wrestling match. Since a debate of the candidates for Vice-President is scheduled for tonight, I thought it made sense to reflect of what I learned from the presidential candidates about making public speeches. 

Ten Lessons for Working Moms from the Presidential Debate

If you're like me, you probably do quite a bit of public speaking. For that reason, I compiled a list of lessons I learned from both candidates after last week's presidential debate.