Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Why I Work

Child on the Pittsburgh North Shore
Yesterday on my Facebook Page I was seeking motivation. I had been thinking about the challenges that people, in particular working moms, have during the workweek. So, I decided to probe my Facebook friends about how they made it through the week. I will share their responses with you because I think you'll find them worthwhile. Of course their responses stimulated my mind as well. I've been working for most of my life and have been a full time working mom for the duration. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Five Stress Management Tips for Working Moms

Me and a girl friend attending an event (Photo Credit: Fawn Robinson)

There is this notion that working moms have super powers. And while it is true that we are able to leap over small children in a single bound, we are mere mortals. That means that having to fulfill competing obligations can sometimes get to us. We may be reluctant to discuss our stress levels with others because we believe that feeling stressed is a sign of weakness. We can be self-critical believing that  if we were more organized, more energetic, or more focused, we wouldn't be stressed.

Here is the truth. You are not alone. Experiencing stress goes along with the gig. Trying to please employers, spouses and children mean that working moms are pulled in three separate directions. It's no wonder that at times we feel as if we are tearing at the seems...

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Appeal to Congress by Working Moms: Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time

I know that Congress is a little busy trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and explain the tweets of the current POTUS. I understand and believe that is important work. That said, can they do parents, especially working moms, a solid and get rid of Day Light Savings Time? That is a nonpartisan issue that everybody should be able to rally around. We're all dragging in my house. My workouts have fallen by the wayside. And I can barely get up on time. I'm trying to reclaim my sunny, morning disposition. To that end "Get behind me Satan Day Light Savings Time!" You're not going to win because I am victorious!!! See Joel Osteen, I've been listening! ;-)

The link below contains my plea. Please and thank you!!!

Chaton's World: A Working Mom's Quest for Balance in Stilettos© : Appeal to Congress by Working Moms: Get Rid of Day...: As you know this week I have focused on the great Pittsburgh weather and my sleep deprivation . ( Today was another gorgeous day too!)...

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

On International Women's Day, I Celebrate You! #BeBoldForChange

As an influencer dedicated to helping improve the lives of women, I want to use International Women’s Day to celebrate women—all women. I want to celebrate the woman who is in college while working and raising children, the woman who is working a job that has no benefits and even less security, the professional woman who is afraid to announce her pregnancy for fear that her boss will place her on the “mommy track” thereby causing her to lose everything that she has been working hard for, and the woman who is working harder than the man in the office beside her yet knows that while her struggle is greater, his paycheck is larger. I celebrate you as my sisters involved in the struggle.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Working Mom Tip: 5 Ways to Love Your Kids While Earning a Living From Home (A Guest Post from Remy Bernard)

I have written a lot about the benefits of flexible work schedules. However, some working moms are pursuing another even more flexible path. They are working from home.  Many swear that working from home is there secret to earning a living and being present for their families. That said, if they're not careful, they can wind up working all of the time and resenting their kids because they're constantly underfoot. Well a mom that I recently met, Remy Bernard, has the secret to how to work from home and love your kids. Fortunately for us, she has decided to share some tips with us. Thanks, Remy!!!