The Judgment You Face When You Choose an Urban Public School (#PPS)

After school one day 
I am an attorney and I live in an urban setting. Some people think that makes me sound hip and trendy. However, when they hear that I send my school aged child to public school, my colleagues tend to look at me with pity or act like I let her use crack in her spare time. You see, generally speaking, in my city, the cool people live in the urban center until they have school aged kids, then they flee to the suburbs or send their kids to private school. That is an unspoken, but commonly known rule.

By breaking it, I sometimes feel as if I am one of the last people on the Titanic who refused to take a life raft because I believe that the rescue boats are coming…


Why Families Need to Book Sessions at Portrait Innovations (Giveaway)

Me and the kiddos in our Halloween Costumes at Portrait Innovations

I received a complimentary photo shoot and one for a lucky reader in exchange for sharing my honest opinions about my experience at Portrait Innovations. 
"Go to Portrait Innovations often! You'll never regret spending on pictures!" Cathy Sorna
One of the things that I love about being a social media influencer is the opportunity to enjoy special experiences with my kids. For that reason, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review the services offered at Portrait Innovations. Portrait Innovations is new to Pittsburgh. It is a studio that specializes in creating a customized experience with creative options for beautiful, professional portraits and personalized gifts and keepsakes.  

The other reason, I was excited to review Portrait Innovations is because I recognize that these years with my kids are fleeting. So, I tend to jump at the opportunity to take their photos. If you follow me on Instagram then you know that first hand!


Four Family Friendly Halloween Fun Tips

Halloween can be a fun time. Indeed, it’s my sister’s favorite holiday. I think it appeals to her need to hide in plain sight by being transformed into whomever she wants to be. I digress though…

Since I have been a mom, I have developed more affection for Halloween and have learned how to celebrate it in a family fun way along the way...


Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Enjoy Your Business Trips

A photo op at the Gumbo Shop

The other week I had the opportunity to travel for work for a conference (CCWC) in New Orleans. On the whole, it was a great experience.  However,  I did learn some vital lessons.Trying to leave town is stressful.  Working moms live and die by their routines and I am no different. having to pack and get to the airport was a disruption to that routine. I nearly left my phone at home, but wound up boarding the plane on time.

Once I made the plane, I immediately began thinking about all of the great food I'd be able to enjoy in New Orleans. On this visit, I was lucky enough to go on a foodie tour as part of the conference and it was entirely worth it! Below are photographs of the food I enjoyed on the tour. YUM!!!