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Working Mom Pick Me Up #MondayMotivation

On top of the world!

Even though we celebrate our working mom journeys, sometimes we need a little inspiration. We often need that inspiration on Monday mornings when we may be ambivalent about returning to our workweek routines after the weekend. 

The photo above gave me inspiration this morning. It was taken while my daughter and I were on top of the highest building between New York and Chicago on one "Take Your Child to Work Day". It reminds me that work is not an inconvenience.


Friday Tip: Enjoy a Cheap Date Night in the City of Pittsburgh

Our daughter at PPG Place

I don’t think anybody appreciates a warm night more than Pittsburgh residents. Indeed, what we gain by having three rivers we give up by having lots of cloudy days and cold winters. However, in the Spring and Summer, the City comes alive! One cool thing to check out is the Saturday Night Market at Market Square.

How to Take Your Blog to The Next Level!

Bloggy Con

Like many working moms, my goal is to provide my kids with the best possible childhood. Making more money, and using that money to provide them with what they need, is one way to help them make great memories. For me, I have a business to supplement my day job. As you know, the primary source of income from that business is being a social media influencer and that all started with me becoming a blogger.

This coming weekend I will be attending Bloggy Con 2018. I'm excited to have been selected to be a "Squad Leader" in a breakout session intended for new bloggers. As I thought about the information I want to share with that group, I came across some notes from a prior conference.


One Secret to Succeeding as Working Mom-Celebrate Each Day

A sunset on Lake Erie at Presque Isle

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down” -The Carpenters
One of the challenges of being a working mom is appreciating that the journey you are walking is a blessed one, even if it is fraught with traffic jams.  And sleepless nights. And breastfeeding challenges that only one who has walked this walk would understand. I'm going to table my strong opinions for a moment about how Corporate America and America in general might provide a more conducive environment for women to maximize their earning potential, use their talents to benefit this country and raise productive members of society. (News Flash they could and should do better. To read about why working moms are angry, click here.) I will also not debate whether or not Serena Williams, who is paving the way for working moms in sports, got a fair shake at the US Open this past weekend. However, that is an issue that should be discussed.

Instead, I have penned a post that I hope will serve as a reminder to us all that even in the midst of our challenges, we are richly blessed. Indeed, we have these dilemmas and hardships because we chose to enrich our lives by becoming mothers. And the blessings that we have received far outweigh the hardships...