Five Ways to Entertain Your Kids for Under $5.00

In Myrtle Beach at Sea Captain's House
Entertainment is an essential part of parenting. Indeed, occupying your kids free time is a constant struggle. That's why the Academy of Pediatrics came out with its screen time guidelines. It's tempting to use television as a babysitter because parents don't know what else to do. Sure there are stories to read, but I haven't met a mom who wants to read "The Cat in the Hat" for 8 hours straight. 

If that mom is reading this blog, let me know. You are a saint and deserve to be celebrated! If you are a regular mom like me, you may need a little help...


Pittsburgh Mom's Night Out for Sophisticated Fun (guest post)

Compensation was received in exchange for sharing this post.

It is the weekend baby! I don't think that anybody looks forward to weekends as much as working moms do. That's because we have more time to run errands, do laundry, go grocery shopping and clean the house! Just joking. If that is how you spend your weekends, I have tips for you. I believe that weekends are to be enjoyed and to connect with your family. That means that are SUPER busy during the week, but at least you get a break.

Although it is tempting to spend all of your free time with your kids, sometimes, you have to have some "grown up fun". Going out to have a glass of wine or dinner with friends is great, but occasionally you want to take it up a notch and GET CRUNK. (OK I may be stuck in 2004. Don't judge me.) That is why I was excited when Pittsburgh Limousine approached me to share the post that appears below with you.

Let me know if you and the hubby or you and your girls hire a limo to have a good time. Also, tell them I sent you!


Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Flexibility, one secret to success

Andre got our son ready for school today, like he does most days. Today, when the boy and I arrived at his school I noticed that his pants were extremely short. Like my uncle would say, it as if he were awaiting a flood. I exclaimed, "Look at how short your pants are!" I immediately regretted my comment. We were already late for school and I didn't want to high jack his day by making him self conscious.  Still, I didn't want him to look like a fashion victim all day.


Hurricane Irma Made Me Count My Blessings

Life is a series of moments. The secret to success is maximizing the good ones and minimizing the bad ones. As working moms we know that we'll have days that are punctuated by tears, traffic, and trials. However, other days are full of family, fun and frolicking on the beach!

I'd love to say that I'm an expert on this type of living. However, I'm not. Sometimes, I fall short. I major in the minor, perseverate on the negative and lose my cool and my patience...


Working Mom Confessions: A Morning with a Fashion Emergency

photo of a happier day 

“My dress scares me, mommy!”

One of the things that makes motherhood the adventure of a lifetime are the constant surprises. This morning, after my daughter had made her bed, brushed her teeth, gotten dressed and had begun enjoying her breakfast, she started to mumble that the dress that she was wearing scared her. I was dismissive and annoyed by this sentiment. The time to make such sentiments known was upstairs in her room. Indeed, she could have kept her thoughts to herself and simply worn something else. I actually pick out her clothes for convenience. She is actually free to wear what she chooses. She knows this because often she puts on something else.