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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Love is All You Need

Baby smiles

"All you need is love, love, love is all you need!"-The Beatles 

In life one confronts a host of trials and tribulations. For that reason, eventually everybody seeks understanding. What I know for sure is that love is the answer to most questions. 

And, I want my children to learn that lesson too.

Our Valentine's Day Love Should Motivate Us to Protect Our Children

Valentine's Day 2017

Today is Valentine's Day. It's an international day of love. We market it. We envy it. And the lucky ones experience it.  I have to confess, I was one of the lucky ones. I was honored to be surrounded by and receive love. I received cards, flowers, text messages, and numerous telepathic messages wishing me well. Yes, friends and blog readers, I received your telepathic messages and that made me feel great! 

I was also blessed to hug my children and put them safely to bed tonight. Every day I am grateful when I am able to do that.  However, today,  Yesterday though, I was even more conscious of my blessings because there was yet another school shooting. Today, seventeen people left this world too soon because someone stole their lives with a gun. (For more about this tragedy, click here.) Those people left gaps in families that cannot be refilled and they were all somebody's children. And they will no longer celebrate another Valentine's Day.

Wordless Wednesday: Snow Day Fun

One of the benefits of maternity leave is being able to spend extra time with my other kids, even if that time is bleary eyed and sleep deprived. Today, is one of those days that I was extra grateful.  At 5:15 AM this morning, just as I was going to sleep because the new baby isn't too good at reading a clock just yet, I got a text message from my son's school saying that school was cancelled. The text lacked any explanation. In my sleep deprived state, I mistakenly believed that I had neglected to keep track of his calendar.

3 Budgeting Tips for Expectant and New Parents

This is a compensated post.

As you know, we recently welcomed our third child into our family. He has expanded our family, filled our home with noise and smiles, and paid us with unspeakable joy. He has also saddled us with increased expenses--he needs food, clothes and lots and lots of diapers! 

Since we have two other children, these increased expenses have created a need for some financial planning or budgeting. However, in all candor, I am in my third week of maternity leave and hopeless lost in baby bliss. I lose all sense of time and space. I forget to eat and fail to answer the phone. I am in love and the only thing I have managed to do consistently is eat a ton of carbs...

However, my dad and brother are bankers, I was an economics major, and although I am lost in baby bliss, I recognize that at some point, I'll need a reality check. For that reason, I was thrilled to be asked to share the article below entitled, "3 Budgeting Tips for Expectant Parent" with my readers. The details are below.


Birth Announcement: Early Days With Our New Baby

a proud big sister

So much has happened since last Friday when I posted my last blog post. It had a full day of contractions, followed by a hospital admission, epic delivery, and a new healthy baby joined our family! As the photos show, it's hard to believe that the new baby has been with us for less than a week because it's like we've been waiting for him forever. Still, keep reading to learn more about what has been happening in my world between blog posts!