Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: The Weekend

Sandbox fun

As a working mom my weeks are jam packed. For that reason, I love my weekends!

Last weekend we got to have family time. And family time is always good! Lately family time is a rare commodity. We closed on our new home in need of renovations on April 11, 2014, three weeks after our son was born. Andre has been doing those renovations himself. That means that I’ve spent nearly every night and weekend since alone with the kids. I’ll resist the urge to say that I understand what single moms feel like. I know they bear a burden that I don’t understand. Still, it has been hard.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Reading on the Run: Articles of Interest to Working Moms (A Family Friendly Law Firm)

Spending time with my daughter on a Thursday night at Beverly's Birthdays Gala. 

Everyone used to believe that you had to sell your soul and sacrifice your soul and sanity in order to work at a law firm, but that may not be true anymore... 
Successful working women keep track of important matters in the news. However, we are not one-dimensional. Some of us also want to keep up with celebrity gossip and fashion news too. Even in the era of the Internet and 24 hour news shows and E!, it can be challenging to keep up with everything.

Fortunately for you, I make it my job to keep up on articles of interest to working moms and when I find notable ones, I share them with you. The one below is a about a family friendly law firm.

Working Mom Tip: You Have to Be Resourceful

Child on a rainy day
One of the keys to succeeding as a working mom is being resourceful. You have to learn how to make things from scratch, simply out of necessity. Sometimes, you neglect to go to the store to buy what you need and that forces you to make it. Other times, your child demands something that you had not contemplated and you have to make it happen.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Preschool Fashion

My daughter has very particular thoughts about her clothes. We try to put her outfits together the night before. However, most often they don't come together until the morning of school.She rejects some previously "approved" outfits as "not being fancy enough for [her] friends". I don't know if her friends are actually keeping track of her outfits or if it is just her inner fashionista pressuring her. Either way, she generally nails it! Below is one example.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Eliminating Pay Disparity

Dollar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The dirty little secret about employment is that we are all in it for the money. You may get other types of personal satisfaction from work, but no matter how noble you are when you work, you want to get paid a fair wage for that job. In this country, what is fair varies depending on gender. Equal Pay Day was last week and they reported that women get paid $.77 for every $1.00 men get paid. While there is debate about why, there's little debate about the disparity. Regardless of the reason, that is a problem. (to read a prior post about equal pay, click here.)

A Working Mom's Business Case for Flexible Work

Working mom in the office, may become obsolete

“Must have the ability to work flexible schedules with varying days off including holidays, nights, weekends, and emergencies...” quoted from a job currently posted on Monster.com

The other week I attended a continuing legal education (CLE) seminar where the topic was, “Workplace Flexibility”.  As the above quote indicates, employers have wanted employees to be "flexible" for quite some time. However, that is not what most employees contemplate when thinking about, "workplace flexibility." The truth is that work responsibilities have expanded such that working full time and managing one's life has become very challenging. People extol the benefits of smart phones and related technology. However, unless those devices allow the worker to determine when and how they work, all those devices do is create a 24/7 tether to the office.