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Rivals united by love...

Last weekend I ran into a woman that I know. I greeted her with a warm greeting--a hug and a smile. We shared pleasantries and stories. I introduced her to my friend. By all appearances, she and I looked like friends. But we’re not. If politics makes strange bedfellows, affairs of the heart create unlikely connections. This woman and I know each another because we both loved the same man, at different points in time. Truthfully, some of those points overlapped. However, there’s really no point in discussing that. It was long ago, but each of us loved him deeply. And that love changed both of our lives. That shared love that binds us. It is that love that gives us a familiarity with one another that is somewhat unnatural. We haven’t lived in the same city and we haven’t met that many times. To be sure, we have other things in common. Although we have different looks, we both are attractive enough to be classified as “pretty girls”. We are both professionals. We both relocated to th

Burlesque isn't just a dance...

Recently, a friend read this blog. He enjoyed it, but he thought that it would be better if I revealed more about myself. Initially I was surprised by his comment. Then, I realized that he must have taken the blog 's tag line to heart. I do claim that this blog is about my life, desires and dreams. Lately, there have been tales about my life and the lives of those I know. I have also provided my take on current events . However, I have included very little about my desires and dreams. I have been holding back. I have hinted at what I really want and what thrills my soul, but I have refrained from going into too much detail. According to my friend, frequently, my hints have been too subtle. To be sure, I never intended this blog to be a diary or a confessional. My nature is to be private while sharing a pre-determined list of public intimacies. For a time, I specialized in keeping people at a distance while making them believe that they had penetrated my soul. I wrote the blog

Five Lessons for Using Facebook and Maintaining Your Relationship

Fortunately, I have not experienced a break up because of Facebook . It may be because I haven’t been involved in a full blown relationship for about eight months… That being said, I know people whose lives have been complicated because of Facebook postings. I also know people who have ruined relationships because of connections made over the Internet . Technology is a good thing, but you have to be careful… First of all, Facebook can expose the truth, in the most unintended of ways. Previously, we could tell little white lies to extend a relationship or to deceive our partners. Now, Facebook can put it all on blast. I have friends who have been confronted with the unfortunate phrase, “Hey, I thought you were sick?!” after they lied to get out of a date and were discovered tagged in photos showing them kicking it harder than P. Diddy . I have had friends questioned by their boyfriends after being spotted in photographs with men even though they were supposed to be having a "

Girls Know the Truth, But They Don't Always Care...

Last weekend, like many Americans , I saw “He’s Just Not That Into You ”. It reminded me of the many times in my life when I’ve gotten it wrong. Indeed, last year I spent too much time involved with someone who was as complicated as he was intense. I willingly allowed myself to be duped. I wasn't mislead. I made a decision. Throughout our interactions, I knew intuitively that he wasn’t that into me. He wanted me, but not to the extent that wanted. I knew that his declarations of love were mainly admissions of confusion. I understood on a very fundamental level that his distance was intentional. Girls know the truth. I knew the truth. However, I simply didn’t care. I was into him and for a while that was the only thing that mattered. Eventually, if we’re lucky, what we truly want begins to matter more. Fortunately, I was lucky. And, I made some changes... Watching the movie reminded me of the times when I have gotten it right--when what I wanted and what the guy

A detour into the men's locker room...

I have lots of interesting marathon training stories. However, I never would have guessed that my marathon training would lead me to the center of the locker room of the University of Pittsburgh football team... I have always had an uncanny way of discovering things that I shouldn’t. I’ve seen people cheating on their spouses, learned that relatives were late on their mortgages, and found out that people were no longer married, before they announced their divorce. Some might conclude that I’m nosey. That’s part of it. However, I usually discover these things because I frequently divert from the scheduled path and find myself someplace else. This past Saturday it happened again while I was attending a seminar for the Pittsburgh marathon. I am sure that the event planners thought that there were sufficient bathrooms on the floor when they planned the seminar. However, the wait seemed unnecessarily long to me. And when there is a long wait, I always explore other options. So, I