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4th of July Observation...

The 4th of July is minutes away. We all have our traditions for celebrating the holiday. Many host or attend barbecues or cookouts. Others have family reunions of sorts. And still others spend their time on their boats or in their RVs . It appears that the media celebrates the holiday by airing and re-airing the movie " Independence Day ". I love Will Smith . Seriously, he could butter my toast any time.  And, "Independence Day" is a good flick. It's got great flight scenes, action, and aliens--the makings of a successful film since George Lucas introduced the world to Star Wars some thirty years ago. Still, hasn't the movie industry made a good 4th of July film since 1996??? So, glad the Comcast guy tricked me into buying the new and expanded cable package. In addition to seeing "Independence Day" as often as I like, I can also watch the Home Shopping Network , and its many spin offs, in English and Spanish . So many channels. So few thi