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Toddler Tales: Tantrums Happen

As the mom of a toddler I have learned that life can present unexpected challenges. There is one universal principle though, meltdowns happen. You cannot always predict when your child will throw up and ruin their outfit, fall down and dirty their clothes and/or cry uncontrollably. However, at some point, it will happen. A couple of weekends ago my daughter was under the weather. Ideally, her parents would have kept her home to rest. However, her parents were optimistic. We believed that she was merely tired. So, we took her to a picnic nearly two hours away and expected her to be on her best behavior. To her credit, while she wasn't at her most charming, she was fine. She was polite and mostly quiet. She even doled out a few smiles. We should have considered ourselves lucky, but instead we got cocky.