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Mommy Blogger Tip: Free Stuff! (National Bowling Day!)

Go Bowling! I love sharing random holidays with my readers. I like it even better when I can help families find free activities! Today, I get to do both. Today is National Bowling Day.  That means that anybody can go to a participating bowling alley and bowl for free.  That's right f-r-e-e entertainment for families!  How often does that happen?! I am sure that there is some reason for this gift. However, my dad told me not to look a gift horse in the mouth.  So, I decided to rely on the information that I received from the folks from who were at the BlogHer '12 conference handing out postcards about this upcoming “holiday.” They were also handing out DVDs ("Bowlopolis") that apparently help kids get excited about bowling.  I guess it's not as popular as it used to be! You can get your coupon to bowl for free from that site .  The reps there told me that more than 3,000 centers nationwide in the United States would be participating b